I had so much fun on this shoot with Alet, Andreas and their first baby Toffee(their Golden Retriever)!
I’ve been wanting to do a blossom shoot for quite some time now, so I was very excited when Alet requested a spring maternity shoot.
Alet + Andreas are such friendly, easy-going people and together with the ever entertaining Toffee, we were guaranteed some laughter and fun.
Ek sien baie uit daarna om vir Caterine te ontmoet.  Sy sal ‘n wonderlike aanvulling wees tot jul alreeds awesome familie!
Geniet die fotos…

alet_andreas_01 alet_andreas_02 alet_andreas_03 alet_andreas_04 alet_andreas_05 alet_andreas_06 alet_andreas_07 alet_andreas_08 alet_andreas_09 alet_andreas_10 alet_andreas_11 alet_andreas_12 alet_andreas_13 alet_andreas_14 alet_andreas_15 alet_andreas_16 alet_andreas_17 alet_andreas_18 alet_andreas_19 alet_andreas_20 alet_andreas_21 alet_andreas_22 alet_andreas_23 alet_andreas_24 alet_andreas_25 alet_andreas_26 alet_andreas_27 alet_andreas_28 alet_andreas_29 alet_andreas_30 alet_andreas_31 alet_andreas_32 alet_andreas_33 alet_andreas_34 alet_andreas_35

4 Responses to ALET + ANDREAS VERWAG

  1. Anna

    Soooooo mooi! Lyk my Toffie het dit baie geniet! 😀

  2. Carine

    Mooie prente van mooie mense!

  3. Ronelle van Wyk

    Absoluut “stunning”.

  4. Kappie

    Stunning stunning stunning!! kan nie wag om haar te ontmoet 🙂 Ja, daai modder lyk te lekker Toffie!

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