Zenwau Equestrian, Rondeberg

"Love at first sight!" Vanessa was not looking for a new furry friend, but instantly fell in love when she set her eyes on this guy. Stag Dance is a beautiful horse and hides his age very well ;) Thank you for the opportunity to photograph this beautiful creature!

vanessa_stag_dance_01 vanessa_stag_dance_02 vanessa_stag_dance_03 vanessa_stag_dance_04 vanessa_stag_dance_05 vanessa_stag_dance_06 vanessa_stag_dance_07 vanessa_stag_dance_08 vanessa_stag_dance_09 vanessa_stag_dance_10 vanessa_stag_dance_11 vanessa_stag_dance_12 vanessa_stag_dance_13 vanessa_stag_dance_14 vanessa_stag_dance_15 vanessa_stag_dance_16 vanessa_stag_dance_17 vanessa_stag_dance_18 vanessa_stag_dance_19 vanessa_stag_dance_20 vanessa_stag_dance_21 vanessa_stag_dance_22 vanessa_stag_dance_23 vanessa_stag_dance_24 vanessa_stag_dance_25 vanessa_stag_dance_26

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