Nadia is from SA and met Matthew in London where they now live, but wanted to get married closer to home.  I have never seen a bride so relaxed on her big day.  This in turn gave the whole day a relaxed atmosphere.  It was a beautiful day shared with friends and family.  Thank you to for letting me be part of your special day.  And a big thanx to Lizelle Janse van Rensburg for allowing me to step in when she could not make it.

matthew_nadia_dunn_01 matthew_nadia_dunn_02 matthew_nadia_dunn_03 matthew_nadia_dunn_04 matthew_nadia_dunn_05 matthew_nadia_dunn_06 matthew_nadia_dunn_07 matthew_nadia_dunn_08 matthew_nadia_dunn_09 matthew_nadia_dunn_10 matthew_nadia_dunn_11 matthew_nadia_dunn_12 matthew_nadia_dunn_13 matthew_nadia_dunn_14 matthew_nadia_dunn_15 matthew_nadia_dunn_16 matthew_nadia_dunn_17 matthew_nadia_dunn_18 matthew_nadia_dunn_19  matthew_nadia_dunn_21  matthew_nadia_dunn_23 matthew_nadia_dunn_24 matthew_nadia_dunn_25  matthew_nadia_dunn_27  matthew_nadia_dunn_29 matthew_nadia_dunn_30  matthew_nadia_dunn_32 matthew_nadia_dunn_33 matthew_nadia_dunn_34 matthew_nadia_dunn_35

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