This was such a beautiful day in Franshoek, the perfect setting for a wedding.  I had such a great time shooting this wedding. Monique + Daniel are so in love and it showed! They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day.

daniel_monique_01 daniel_monique_02 daniel_monique_03 daniel_monique_04 daniel_monique_05 daniel_monique_06 daniel_monique_07 daniel_monique_08 daniel_monique_09 daniel_monique_10 daniel_monique_11 daniel_monique_12 daniel_monique_13 daniel_monique_14 daniel_monique_15 daniel_monique_16 daniel_monique_17 daniel_monique_18   daniel_monique_21 daniel_monique_22 daniel_monique_23  daniel_monique_25 daniel_monique_26 daniel_monique_27 daniel_monique_28 daniel_monique_29 daniel_monique_30 daniel_monique_31 daniel_monique_32 daniel_monique_33 daniel_monique_34 daniel_monique_35 daniel_monique_36 daniel_monique_37

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