I had so much fun photographing this "family" that I completely lost track of time!  I instantly fell in love with Hayley, Lauren and Zane's puppy.  They rescued her and did a DNA test to find that she is 80% collie, 10% staffie and 10% pom.  I have a soft spot for collies!  Thank you for being such fun models.  (Zane was quite the creative director!)  Lauren + Zane are a very loving/special couple and I wish u lots of love and happiness in the future!

lauren_zane_hayley_01 lauren_zane_hayley_02 lauren_zane_hayley_03 lauren_zane_hayley_04 lauren_zane_hayley_05 lauren_zane_hayley_06 lauren_zane_hayley_08 lauren_zane_hayley_09 lauren_zane_hayley_10 lauren_zane_hayley_11 lauren_zane_hayley_12 lauren_zane_hayley_13 lauren_zane_hayley_14 lauren_zane_hayley_15 lauren_zane_hayley_16 lauren_zane_hayley_17

2 Responses to LAUREN + ZANE + HAYLEY

  1. Mark

    Beautiful pictures. Love the dog

  2. Stunning pics…………WoW, WOW, WoW………….Hayley is just too boooootiful too………

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