Lauren Bachelorette

Spier Stellenbosch

Claire contacted me and asked if I would photograph Lauren's bachelorette as a gift to her.  The girls hired a bus service that took them on a lovely wine tour in Stellenbosch.  I met up with the ladies at Spier and we had some fun... Thank you ladies for being such great models!

lauren_bachelorette_01 lauren_bachelorette_02 lauren_bachelorette_03 lauren_bachelorette_04 lauren_bachelorette_05 lauren_bachelorette_06 lauren_bachelorette_07 lauren_bachelorette_08 lauren_bachelorette_09 lauren_bachelorette_10 lauren_bachelorette_11 lauren_bachelorette_12 lauren_bachelorette_13 lauren_bachelorette_14 lauren_bachelorette_15 lauren_bachelorette_16 lauren_bachelorette_17 lauren_bachelorette_18 lauren_bachelorette_19 lauren_bachelorette_20 lauren_bachelorette_21 lauren_bachelorette_22 lauren_bachelorette_23

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