Groot Constantia

They're getting married soon! Catherine + Paul met through friends, fell in love and the rest is history... They share a love for nature and the great outdoors as well as their cute best friend "Mieka" We met at Groot Constantia for the shoot where they often go for walks with Mieka (Who had a blast!) I am so excited  for the big day which is just around the corner (21 March 2015) Enjoy the photos and see you soon!

catherine_paul_engaged_01 catherine_paul_engaged_02 catherine_paul_engaged_03 catherine_paul_engaged_04 catherine_paul_engaged_05 catherine_paul_engaged_06 catherine_paul_engaged_07 catherine_paul_engaged_08 catherine_paul_engaged_09 catherine_paul_engaged_10 catherine_paul_engaged_11 catherine_paul_engaged_12 catherine_paul_engaged_13 catherine_paul_engaged_14 catherine_paul_engaged_15 catherine_paul_engaged_16 catherine_paul_engaged_17 catherine_paul_engaged_18 catherine_paul_engaged_19 catherine_paul_engaged_20 catherine_paul_engaged_21 catherine_paul_engaged_22 catherine_paul_engaged_23 catherine_paul_engaged_24 catherine_paul_engaged_25

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